• Bow Rosin

    • Violin rosin is made of high quality natural raw materials, persistent adhesion, can increase the playing time, fly out of the powder rarely, reduce the harm to the human body, more healthy and environmentally friendly.
    • Strings through the surface protection treatment, both to protect the sound quality, to achieve the appearance of light, rust and durable, has a good feel, sound quality and stability.
    • Rosin is used in a variety of violin, the instrument can be played in the pronunciation of sensitive, pure sound, reduce noise. Strings suitable for 3/4, 4/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 size violins, with a good feel.
    • Good sound quality, the need for good quality rosin and strings, better protect your strings and let your violin bring texture and sound to enjoy.
    • This is the violin essential supplies, is very suitable for portable, you can always make your own violin sound good.
  • Capo

    • Good function: the capo is suitable for quick changing interval degrees for acoustic guitar, classic guitar, electric guitar, bass, violin and ukulele, etc., the original guitar capo can be quickly and easily released and repositioned
    • Rubber pads: the rubber pad can make your thumb comfortable when use the capo; Operate just with one hand and fit comfortably in your hand, these capo can clamp on most fretboard; Small size makes the capo portable; These rustproof capo are suitable for different widths of guitars
    • Avoiding scratches: good quality rubber pads will prevent from damaging your instruments; Leaving no scratches
    • Good zinc metal material: these durable capos are made of good quality zinc alloy; The surface of the capo is processed by electroplating, not easy to be deformed and destroyed
    • Practical gift: these capo have multiple colours to choose from. They are great gifts for your friends who like playing the guitar or other instruments
  • Ukulele

    • HIGH-QUALITY NYLON STRINGS - The advanced and sturdy nylon strings not only can avoid stroke but also allows for a full-bodied sound when you play traditional Hawaiian ukulele songs. They provide stability and durability sound.
    • EASY TO PLAY - basswood body not only brings ukulele a stylish and fashionable appearance but also a brighter sound. The resonance is quite well and intonation is precise. much easier to start learning and get stable brilliant performance. The fret wires are smooth and do no harm to your fingers.

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