Rockwell Music Academy believes in the pure magic of music. It brings such a positive impact to daily life. As adults, regardless of age, we sometimes neglect our own personal development and creativity. Whether you have played music before or not, the fear of taking it back up can be overwhelming. FEAR NOT! While it can be daunting, take the plunge because bringing music back into your life has countless benefits to your physical and mental wellbeing.

Majella Boland of Music Literacy Ireland recently wrote for (Read full article here) advocating that yes, you can learn music at any age.

My personal experience is that it is much more rewarding, or at least this is how I am comparing the memories; admittedly, maybe not having to learn the rudiments of music helps this time around. Yet, because of my background, I now truly realise and appreciate the benefits of learning an instrument(voice included) and the challenge that comes with it: I need patience, I need focus, I need persistence, I need discipline, dedication, commitment. It’s like constantly doing a puzzle and figuring out the hidden meanings, not to mention the abundance of music literature to explore. It’s just so rewarding.

Here are our ten reasons why you need to pick up an instrument today:

  1. Positivity – Better health
  2. Brain Fuel – Improved cognitive functions
  3. Social – Make new friends
  4. Builds confidence
  5. Trains discipline and patience
  6. Enhances creativity
  7. Communication – Connect with others better
  8. Builds teamwork
  9. Relieves stress
  10. IT’S FUN!