We are delighted to welcome Music Therapist Sarah Keating to the RCMA team. We will be offering a music therapy service from February, providing one-to-one and group sessions. We will be having an informal information presentation at RCMA on Friday 31st of January at 7pm – All are welcome!

For more information email us today at: info@rockwellmusicacademy.ie


What is Music Therapy?

If you feel you need just a little help in something big or very little, music therapy offers an alternative approach to self-exploration, socialisation, communication, mindfullness and expression.

“Success in singing, playing instruments, moving to music, or sharing memories related to music, may also fulfil a person’s unmet needs for self-expression, achievement, meaning and purpose”
(Cheong et al, 2016)

Music therapy is an evidence-based profession, which works with people, using music clinically as a tool to promote therapeutic change in areas of social, emotional, physical and cognitive domains. Music therapists work alongside Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy etc., to aid service users in reaching their goals.

To work as a music therapist in Ireland, it is necessary to have undergone a Masters in Music Therapy in a recognised institution. It is also of benefit to hold accreditation from the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapies (IACAT), which is the governing body for creative arts therapists in Ireland.


Who is our Music Therapist?

Sarah Keating is a qualified music therapist with an MA in Music Therapy from the University of Limerick. She has experience in a wide variety of settings, with a focus on mental health, dementia care and rehabilitation care. Sarah
is devoted to establishing trusting and attuned therapeutic relationships with service users and is committed to providing
appropriate therapeutic approaches to address individual needs at a pace that is best suited to each person.