We are delighted to announce that 8 of our tutors have undertaken the GRADE-1-A-THON challenge. We have each committed to learning a new instrument in order to fundraise for Music Network Ireland.

Grade-1-a-thon was initiated to create an instrument bank for the over 65’s. Aside from a team building exercise, we have found respect for our beginner students as we go back to the basis each of our students experience at beginner level. Keep an eye on social media for updates of our musical journey. Thanks to the Royal Irish Academy of Music for playing their part and waiving the exam fees for all Grade-1-a-thon candidates.

Thanks, Suzanne Buttimer, Jayne McConnon, Dom O’Driscoll, Nicole Butler, Fidelma Nugent, Anastasia De Blàca, Annie Blake, Nicole Morris for participating in this worthy challenge!

Donate here: https://www.justgiving.com/team/RMAGrade-1-a-thon