Rockwell Music Academy is delighted to announce its exciting new partnership with Stringbabies. We are the first and only academy to deliver this programme in Ireland. The ‘Stringbabies’ programme is designed to be fun and rewarding! No slave driving, no regimentation. Each child has their own workbook, with the simple lessons in large print plus space for the own compositions.

A typical session will include playing, lots of singing and musical games, all with a strong emphasis on enjoyment. We will deliver this programme in very small pods. This enables our teachers to concentrate on each child, developing the best playing habits right from the beginning.

Stringbabies children learn to play their chosen instrument in a happy, relaxed atmosphere. They compose their own melodies, sing, and advance toward reading conventional music notation in a natural progression, but at a much earlier age than is normal – some even before they can read!

Stay posted to our social platforms and our website for update about this new, exciting programme.